Book Review: Right Here With You

Right Here with You: Bringing Mindful Awareness into Our Relationships – Andrea Miller

This book is a series of essays written on mindfulness and enlightenment applied to relationships. I like the essay format quite a bit, which is probably not too surprising, given that that is primarily what I write for pleasure myself. Regardless, the series of essay format allows ideas to be succinctly presented, without requiring them to be “filled out”, which often happens in the book format.

The essays are divided into various sections, somewhat correlated with phases of the relationship, including the unrealistic, hormone induced romantic phase, the later realization of reality and, to some extent, disappointment, and the ending of relationships. The final section is a bit more uplifting and focuses on broader aspects of personal growth and relationships.

I’m looking forward to revisiting many of the essays in the book, when I go through it again.