Meditation Retreat: Fourth Day

Fought against a bubble of gas in my stomach for the morning meditation, which was difficult (and am now burping it out). Managed to sit without shifting for the whole period, however. I’ve decided to use my purgatory time for hamstring stretches, which are way too tight for my own good.

Morning finished with some effort. Afternoon session had best meditation so far—really nice. I met with a teacher, who mostly confirmed my Dzogchen experience/practice, but indicated a great deal of concentration was necessary to sustain it, which was in-line with my feeling for it. He recommended the following teachers: Tsokny Rinpoche, Surya Das, Mingyer Rinpoche, Thokyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Afternoon Mettas was a bust – teacher-in-training talked the whole time, essentially, so I couldn’t focus on my practice well. I was also feeling distracted. . Had a bought of loneliness/sadness in the evening which I worked through. Neck is still bother me, which is irksome, working through that as well.

Half-way through. Somehow feels more daunting than when I started. This too will pass.

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