Meditation Retreat: Second Day

My alarm was set for 6:00 AM (first meditation is at 6:30 AM), but I woke up at 5:45 and showered. Ready to go at 6:13. Still tired. Woke every two hours throughout the night.

First sit ~45 minutes (typical length for the schedule). Trying to get used to the new pillows and having legs-falling-asleep issues. Sit felt good though. Was able to good a floor chair that someone returned which may come in handy this afternoon. Kitchen duty was relatively easy. Did some talking to get the task done (apparently, in my mind, task completion is more important than silence). Looks like some great trails to walk, although not enough time to walk as long as I want. I may skip something in the afternoons later in the week to walk alone for a good deal of time. Much more looking at clocks than I expected.

I’ve found my meditation position! Legs still sometimes fall asleep but it works, and it feels good. Just have my night sessions to go and am feeling pretty good about everything, though settling in still. I gave myself an evening treat and finished my latest fiction novel. Managed nap after lunch, which was nice.

Day 1 complete. Neck hurts a little. Exemplary thoughts:
considering what my response will be when someone asks about the retreat;
calculating number of people movements per minute would result if every one moves once every 15 minutes and then sampling to verify;
annoyance at loud breather
wondering why particular women do really weird walking during walking meditation – boredom? so that others look at them?
will slow walking change how I walk?
can I use walking meditation as physical therapy for my knee?
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