Book Review: Search Inside Yourself

I just finished reading Search Inside Yourself, which is a book on Emotional Intelligence written by an early Google Employee. The premise of the book is that everyone can lead a happier, more productive life via mental training, with a focus on mindful meditation. The beginning of the book provides a pragmatic, science-based approach to mindful meditation, which I appreciated quite a bit. Later, it focuses on emotional awareness and how to interact with people, which I found to be good, but not as impactful as the beginning. For a lot of the social interaction aspects, I probably prefer "How to Win Friends and Influence People", which I plan to read yearly for the rest of my life, but it wasn't certainly good to read.

I've been doing this for quite a while and have already noticed some pretty substantial impacts on general outlook and changes in how my mind works (or at least how it feels like my mind works). If you are interested, there are a variety of things to watch/read, depending on how much time you want to invest:

The shortest, and which provides a good overview, is the Google Talk given by Meng:

Or, you can go to the Search Inside Yourself, video course:

Or, you can read the book, which has more detail than all of the above: