Meditation Retreat: Sixth Day

Not much to report. Morning meditation was more distracted, but that seems to be normal. I haven’t mentioned food. Generally, it is very good—I was not expecting this level of quality. Breakfast, however, is uninspired. It consists of oatmeal and fruit. I’ve been having, instead:
3 hard boiled eggs (available at all times)
½ banana
1 orange
peanut butter
Lunches are sizeable and generally excellent. Dinner is soup and salad and tasty.

Today was tough. I’m a little burnt out and losing concentration. Tomorrow may be better, or just may be the last day.

Solstice ceremony was a little over the top. But it was fun. Lots of meditating in the dark and candles and protection bands, and other such stuff. Looking forward to wrapping this up.

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