Meditation Retreat: Third Day

Apparently, people like to write cheesy meditation poems. Here’s mine:
Sitting on the pot,
Where’s my phone? Why does this take so long?
Oh well, I’ll just sit.
Or in Haiku form:
Me, on the toilet:
Where is my phone? I’m lonely.
Oh well, I’ll just sit.
I found a perfect sitting pillow today (Samadhi block pillow) and my meditation s have felt “right”. It is very nice.

I ruined my flow a bit by hiking the hills—it was very pretty, but I stressed myself out by skipping a meditation. I don’t think I’ll do that again as I also felt some guilt. I lost some of the momentum from this morning. Oh well…

I’ve found a lot of my thoughts don’t hold even if I try today. Had a couple of thoughts about a prior relationship, but they were fleeting even when I tried to flow them. Makes it easier to focus on the breath. I’ve found breath counting to be helpful.

I dislike the time after dinner before sitting—meditation seems like overkill, but I’m not supposed to do anything else!

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